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Nutrition Solutions for Better Health

Meet Matt

Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

My passion is helping people improve their health and lives through better nutrition. Over the past 24 years, I have helped 100's of people combat degenerative disease, lose weight and become the healthiest version of themselves.

Sadly, we have become the only mammal that has forgotten how to eat! Obesity and chronic illness is now at epidemic proportions globally, due to our new found lifestyle habits which are largely due to the crafty manipulation of food products. I aim to help you learn how to eat real food again, allowing your body, not your mind to let you know when you are full or hungry. Together we will help restore your relationship with and fall in love with food again!


I believe that when we feel overwhelmed with what life throws at us, we must focus on what we can control. Starting with what we choose to put in our mouths, how we use our bodies and how we choose to think. I can help provide that structure for you.

I look forward to meeting you soon so we can discuss how I can help you treat, manage or recover from whatever challenges you’ve been facing. 

Consultations can be arranged at my Hervey Bay office, at your home*, or online via Skype or Zoom.

Matt Straight

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Why Heal Your Body With Food?

Over 24 Years Experience

Over the past 24 years I have gained experience as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Educator for Cancer organisations, local Councils and businesses. I have been overweight myself and understand the impact and challenges of not being your best self. 

In depth Consultations

Before we meet, I will request some blood tests so that I can assess your current health and use this information to create a tailored, effective eating and general health plan for you. This will also give us a benchmark to show your progress.

Face to Face or Online Consults

Meet me face to face via Skype and receive the same great service without having to leave the comfort of your home. Great for the people living remote or not comfortable or able to leave their homes.

Easy to follow Nutrition Plans

After your initial consultation, I will create an easy to follow plan which will simplify the task of knowing what to eat to help improve your health and manage any challenges you may have. 

Flexible hours and locations

No matter where you are and what time zone you live in, I can make a time which will suit you and your lifestyle, not just 9-5. Either meet at my Hervey Bay Office, at your home (Additional fees may apply) or online from the comfort of your home.

Matt has now authored a book, "Controlling The Odds" designed to help answer the many questions that arise when you, or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. 
Watch the video below to find out more and click the link below if you would like to get a copy. 


I would recommend Matt's services- he is helpful and knowledgeable, patient and supportive and has a great sense of humour. I like to think this is the start of a new stage of my life, entering my sixty's healthier than I have ever been.

- Kim Ellen


Matt helped me to understand the importance of eating the right amount of good, quality food and the timing of when to eat it. He created an easy to understand meal plan for me with foods I enjoy. I honestly feel like Matt has helped me to make a lifelong change.

- Marti Combest


Matt was recommended to me by a friend who had great success just a few weeks after her first consultation. Matt helped me understand which foods to avoid and which foods that I enjoy, I should eat more of. He created a great plan that was easy to follow. I couldn't be happier. 

- Carmela Guthart

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