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Three reasons why you should stop eating free range and cage eggs now!

Organic, free range eggs are not only delicious and versatile; they also provide one of the most easily digested forms of protein and are packed with beneficial vitamins and nutrients.  But not all eggs are created equally. Cage eggs are quite different to ORGANIC free-range eggs. Here are three reasons why you should ONLY eat organic, free-range eggs and boycott the cage and standard free-range varieties. 

1. Cage eggs are produced by chickens which are housed in very small cages, barely big enough for them to even turn around. They are fed cheap GMO (genetically modified) grain and due to their poor living conditions and diet, they regularly develop diseases. To prevent diseases forming, farmers add large amounts of antibiotics to the chickens feed. Antibiotics are then transferred to the eggs which we eat and over time this causes imbalances in our gut flora and weakens our immune system, making us more prone to disease and resistant to antibiotics when we genuinely need them.

2. The chickens that lay free range and cage eggs are fed large amounts of GH (growth hormone) to make them grow faster and reach production age faster. A significant portion of that GH is transferred to the eggs and for anyone with cancer, the last thing you want to be consuming is anything that contains growth hormone. Growth hormone (GH) will speed up the growth of everything in your body, including cancer cells and tumours. The same goes for chicken meat, unless it is organically farmed. 

3. This might sound a little wishy washy for some, but I firmly believe that eating an animal or animal bi-product that has come from an animal which has endured a miserable, torturous life, carries with it, a certain amount of bad energy which cannot be good for us to put in our bodies. In addition, any farming practices which support or allow such cruelty, shouldn’t be supported. 

The difference in cost between a cage egg and an organic is around 25c AUD each. We don’t recommend eating more than around six eggs per week which in turn would only add around $1.50 to your weekly grocery bill. Think quality over quantity. At the end of the day, you are what you eat, so would you rather eat an egg from a stressed, GH and antibiotics jacked up, stressed, miserable chicken, or a chicken that has grown at a natural pace, is free to roam and exercise as chicken naturally should and is fed organic foods?

A common mistake people make is that free range and organic eggs are the same. Free range only refers to the space in which the chickens are given to roam. They can still be given antibiotics and GH. Only organic eggs are both free range and free of GH, antibiotics and NOT fed cheap GMO grain. 

So next time you pick up a carton of eggs at the supermarket, stay clear of the cage eggs. Or even better, find a local farmer who raises chickens organically and support them. 

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